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Welcome to our Weed & Marijuana T Shirts shop here at the Energetic Mind. Our T-shirts are sold via Amazon, Design By Humans (USA) and Redbubble (UK, USA, EU).  Just click on the button below the T-shirt you like to go to the Amazon shop. Once there you can select colour/color, style of T-shirt, size and more. 

420 & Stoner T Shirts by the Energetic Mind

Over time we plan to grow our very own original range of epic T-shirts. The themes we will be concentrating on are 420, stoner, high times, cannabis, Kief, dope, hemp, blunt, pot, kush, grass themed T-Shirts. We feel strongly at The Energetic Mind about the power, history, medicinal and recreational benefits of this fantastic natural plant. It has stood together with the human race throughout our entire evolution, for more than fifteen thousand years it has been used and celebrated by our species. It is only right that in this day of modern science, that we continue to push the boundaries until all of the fanatic benefits of this miracle plant is known to us. Until then sit back, and enjoy the herb in which every way you most prefer.

Future Plans

We plan to move all of our T-Shirts once economically viable to hemp-based materials and away from less environmentally viable materials. With your help, we will get there soon.

Keep Calm And Smoke Weed

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I love medical marijuana

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I love THC

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Keep Calm It's Organic

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Keep Calm It's Organic

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