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Thought Provoking Designs

Thought Provoking T Shirts – We love to think, we love deep conversations about science, religion, philosophy, books we have read and films we have watched – we love it. So far I have designed T shirts around  Aliens, Artificial Intelligence, Ancient cultures and their icons, mythical beasts and their relevance to modern culture, myths and legends of countries and death.

Grey Aliens T-Shirt Inspiration

Grey aliens, do they exist? If they do, where did they come from? Which planet? What kind of technology did they use to cross space? Why are they here? Can they communicate with us? There are so many questions to ask.

AI Heart Inspiration

Artificial intelligence at some point in the very near future will I assume have to integrate with humanity. A classic cyborg, a symbiotic interface that will allow us to effectively communicate with the AI. Will the human heart in this case representing emotion and all of the very human-like qualities ever be replicated by Artificial intelligence and AI? Will AI and Humanity work together and explore the universe together or will the AI parasite of us as Dan Simmons suggests in his epic Hyperion Cantos.

If you love thought provoking T shirts and designs then you have found the right place.