Tree of life Sunshine T-Shirt

Tree of life Sunshine T-Shirt is a combination of a few interlinked themes. First we have a couple entwined in love, this couple is integrated into a tree symbolising the connection we have with nature and our environment and finally the Suns rays. Just like our Seeds of the Sun T-shirt and acknowledgement of how the sun gives life to everything.

  • Tree of life T shirt, Yggdrasil, lovers, sunshine, symbol of life, balance, and harmony.Two lovers embrace, connected to the earth and the sky as a tree.
  • Inspirational, Motivational and Thought Provoking art. Tree of Life Sunshine T shirt- mystical ,New Age, Meditation, A gift for spiritual people. A great gift the for mum, sister.

Visual Description: Two lovers embrace, connected to the earth and the sky as a tree. The sun shines bright behind them radiantly.

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