Meditation comes in many forms, this T shirt if for those that love meditation, yoga, qi gong or any other form of inner work, for it us who will understand this spiritual T-shirt 🙂 When you meditate for long periods of time the mind/brain begins to change. Meditation like any other learned skill gets easier with time and once you have spent long enough doing it, it becomes your thing. Easy to enter, easy to stay in, and always offering up another level to experience. Are you Heavily Meditated?

Spiriutal T shirt

Heavily Meditated was designed for the Yoga loving,  Spiritually minded,  Meditation guru that’s always on the hunt for a cool Spiritual T-Shirt to express their love for the inner journey.

Who is this meditation T shirt for?

For those meditate and live a spiritual life of peace, bliss, love and happiness. Namaste, Reiki, Meditation, Yoga, Know Thyself,  Makes a great gift for any yoga or meditation lover.


Online T shirt Shops

We currently have two online shops printing and delivering our unique T-Shirt designs. These are// Design By Humans // Redbubble . Each shop offers something unique in the way they print our T Shirt designs, the T Shirt materials they print on, the T Shirt colours available, the T Shirt styling and more.

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Design By Human , Redbubble are recommended for USA customers and Redbubble for UK customers.


Redbubble UK & USA

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Design By Humans USA


Flower of Life T-Shirt

Tree of Life T-Shirt



Seeds of the SUN T-Shirt

Celtic Vortex Meditation

Infinite Mandala T-Shirt

Inside The Petal T-Shirt

Bear Mountain T-Shirt