Celtic Vortex Meditation symbolises a sacred path to the inner world. A unique combination of sacred symbolism that unites many different paths to the inner sanctum of man.  A vibrant and intense colour spectrum reveals the inner world as rarely seen. The colours of the Chakra system run through the piece and Celtic knot or Triquetra symbolises the connection between earth and the sky and the path we walk in between. This meditation T shirt is part of our Spiritual T-shirt range.

Spiritual Clothing

We strive to create spiritual deisgns with powerful meanings that are spiritually meaningful. Our celtic vortex meditation T shirt fuses and integrates the classic Irish trinity knot into the very core of the design. The trinity in this case symbolises a sacred path to an inner world through breathing, chakra awarness and meditation.

Celtic T shirt Tags

Inspirational, Motivational, Thought Provoking. Vibrant and intense chakras and chakra colors infused with the Triquetra or celtic knot- A gift for spiritual folk

Visual Description:

A colorful design combining the colors of the chakra system (think rainbow). A person sits meditating in the centre of an Irish Knot, celtic knot surrounded by color.

Online T shirt Shops

We currently have three online shops printing and delivering our unique T-Shirt designs. These are  Design By Humans // Redbubble . Each shop offers something unique in the way they print our T Shirt designs, the T Shirt materials they print on, the T Shirt colours available, the T Shirt styling and more.

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Design By Human is recommended for USA customers and Redbubble for UK customers.




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