BJJ Gyms In Scotland


BJJ Gyms in Scotland

Over the last tens years, BJJ / Brazilian jiu jitsu has seen some steady growth in Scotland. Each of the major cities, including Glasgow, Edinburgh, Perth, Inverness, Aberdeen, Dundee etc now have Brazilian jiu Jitsu clubs with many smaller clubs emerging throughout many of the smaller towns in  Scotland.

I will cover the main bjj gyms in Scotland, these will mainly be the top bjj clubs, we will try to cover most areas of Scotland. If your club is not listed then email us or get in touch via fb messenger so we can update the list.

Glasgow BJJ CLubs



Connection Gracie Jui Jitsu

Gracie Barra Glasgow

Ronin Grappling

10th Planet Glasgow

Johnstone BJJ

Reaper Grappling

Dumbarton BJJ

D Unit

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East Kilbride BJJ

East Kilbride BJJ

Edinburgh BJJ

Rick Youngs

CVA Jiu Jitsu

CheckMat Edinburgh

Dunfermline BJJ

Gracie Barra Fife

Coatbridge BJJ

Scottish Hit Squad

Bathgate BJJ

Higher Level

Fighters Hive

Prestonpans BJJ

Promethean Mixed Martial Arts

Livingston BJJ

Livingston Fight Centre

Stirling BJJ


Scottish Martial Arts Centre

Perth  BJJ

Fair City Jiu jitsu

Dundee  BJJ

Dundee MMA

Dundee University BJJ club

Origin Jie Jitsu

Inverness BJJ


Aberdeen BJJ

SBG Aberdeen

Aberdeen Combat Centre

Immortals Gold Team


Westcoast MMA

Callachans BJJ

Irvine BJJ

Kilmarnock BJJ


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