Aztec Warrior T-Shirt

Aztec Warrior T-Shirt could be looked at as the mask of a Warrior KING or a veteran of the battlefield. However, the design is all about the mind! The mask contains symbolism that weaves its way through various South American cultures ie The Serpent and the Condor. The serpent represents the Sub – Conscious mind and the Condor the superconscious mind. The Serpent represents wisdom and the Condor or bird due to its ability to reach the sky represents ta a connection with the divine. These symbols are represented on the foreheads of Egyptian Pharaohs as well as Aztec, Inca, Paracas artifacts. The Aztec warrior is an image to symbolise a warrior of the inner worlds, someone who has crossed the great void and unified his mind with god.

  • Aztec Warrior Ancient Mexican inspired T Shirt with a tribal feel
  • Inspirational, Motivational and Thought Provoking: A design encompassing the powerful symbols of the Serpent & The Condor  from the Aztec, Inca, Paracas


Visual Description:

A bright facial mask in traditional south central american art style. The mask has extended earlobes. Out from the forehead protrudes both snakes and condors. The mask has a tribal like feel.

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