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AI Heart T Shirt

The A.I Heart T-shirt is Powered by the future!! Artificial Intelligence seems to be an inevitable progression in our current tech industries, with everyone from Google, Facebook, Amazon, Apple etc pushing hard and investing billions in the technology. When A.I becomes conscious and aware of itself and becomes an autonomous intelligence, my hope is that we can integrate with the technology through our heart chakra and our minds. Combining our innate and elusive divine spirit with the new emerging sentient technology/ consciousness, we could map the inner realms together.

Inspired by the future

AI Heart T-Shirt, a combination of human and robot. The future of Artificial Intelligence will be integration with humans, possibly even DNA altered, nanotech infused, AI augmented humans.

This is one of our Inspirational, Motivational, Thought Provoking clothing range. Our AI heart T shirt was designed for geeks, computer programmers, nerds, gamers, smartphone users, sci fi readers and technology freaks. Basically my kind of people.

Visual Description AI T shirt

The AI Heart is a red heart placed around the centre of the T Shirt, the red heart is overlain with a SOC or system on a chip, which has a computer processor and circuit board. This symbolises the Artificial Integilenceis deep integration with human emotions. For it is only when the computer develops empathy will it be sentient.

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We currently have three online shops printing and delivering our unique T-Shirt designs. These are  Design By Humans // Redbubble . Each shop offers something unique in the way they print our T Shirt designs, the T Shirt materials they print on, the T Shirt colours available, the T Shirt styling and more.

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Design By Human is recommended for USA customers and Redbubble for UK customers.

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