Spirituality Meditation an Indian perspective

Spirituality Meditation 

In the west we hear the terms spirituality meditation, mind over matter, spiritual journey and so on and so on all the time. But what do these topics mean in relation to the western ideals related to spirituality and meditation? In this quick blog, we will look at the main themes related to the journey to know self, to experience spirituality in the mind and body etc from our understanding of the Indian understanding of such topics. I hope that makes sense. In brief, we will have a look at Hinduism, Ayurvedic and Yogic basics, as these are the main cultural lenses by which spirituality and meditation are viewed in India.

Spirutality Meditation an Indian Perspective.

The traditional healing system of India is called Ayurveda, it is considered to be a way of optimizing the operation of the body. Ayurveda is capable of prolonging life as well as assisting in treating many conditions. The understanding of Ayurveda has its roots in the Vedas, the sacred texts of India.  The Vedas gave birth to Yoga, Buddhism, Jainism, Hinduism and others. However, Yoga is much greater than this, it is philosophy and an entire science. Ayurveda is a lot more. Ayurveda keeps the body healthy while yoga is the path of spirituality that joins the body and the mind. But it must be known that Ayurveda isn’t a religion anymore than yoga is a religion.

Yoga as a Science.

These in india are regarded as sciences regardless of the individual’s faith. Both sciences (Yoga and Ayurvedic medicine) support a person by giving them knowledge of their nature on their journey toward self awareness as a soul or spirit. The study, if it comes from the West or the East, illuminates this trip. Joining with the greater God head is based on the idea that we’re all souls extending and growing with God toward reunification or enlightenment back within God. This might be seen as doing the work required to enter through the gates to heaven. There are many challenges in life that inspire us to evolve and to grow. Some come to us in the shape of health challenges, many others are challenges in relationships or finances.

The Gunas

They’re, in a sense, present, for without them, there will be no motivating force behind our growth as spirits. The 3 gunas are the reasons from which we come to understand ourselves emotionally and spiritually. Gunas are defined as the qualities of character. Sattva is the quality of clarity along with purity. When our heads are sattvic, or pure, there’s a natural innate connection between ourselves and God. With this consciousness, our highest, most virtuous qualities manifest. Our minds are similar to a still lake along with the light that reflects through it’s the light of God. Rajas is a state of activity along with diversion where we forget our true character as spirit and we wrap ourselves in the dramas of our lives.

Consequently we get caught in the experience of emotions and the challenging emotions of fear, worry, nervousness, anger, resentment, and attachment. Each wave is a challenging emotion. Tamas is a state of darkness along with inertia. With our darker character being dominant, we take actions like violence or vindictive behaviours, or possibly addiction and suicide. Any harmful act reflects our own tamasic character. The darkness is tamas. It’s our religious trip to move from dark to light, in ignorance to consciousness, or from tamas to sattva.


Spirituality and meditition in Indian culture is deep-rooted and steeped in both religious and cultural systems. The ideas, philophies and practicies have been discussed, debated, practiced and refined for over a thousand years. There is more to the journey than simply thinking good vibes, but that is exactly the best place to start. This was just a brief look at one aspect of one perspective from the many ideas on mediation and spirtuality that have orginated from the indian sub continent.

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