Flower of Life T-Shirt

Tree of Life T-Shirt



Seeds of the SUN T-Shirt

Patterns of progress

Celtic Vortex Meditation

Infinite Mandala T-Shirt

Inside The Petal T-Shirt

Bear Mountain T-Shirt

Spiritual T Shirts

The Energetic Minds spiritual T-shirts range was the very first T shirts we designed. All of these Spiritual T-shirts are rooted in the individual journey to reconnect with the source. Our Spiritual Clothing designs take in many different iconography, cultures, traditions, philosophies and ideas to create powerful images to centre the soul and rejuvenate the spirit.  Look closely and you will see sacred geometry, sacred patterns and spiritual truths in each and every design. Like the flower of life design inside the sunflower and sun.  A couple holding hands as a show of unity inside the Flower of life T shirt whilst being bathed in the colours of the chakras. Two lovers embrace each other to make three!  The earth and the sky are made whole in the now, in our Tree of Life T shirt. Thought and meaning in every shirt 🙂

Spiritual Clothing

We want you to feel the power and positive vibrations of our t-shirts and clothing. The goals are to feel powerful and empowered whilst wearing our clothing, so we hope that all our wonderful customers feel uplifted when wearing an Energetic Mind Spiritual T shirt. Wearing our Spiritual clothing should feel like spiritual cleansing as each design is charged with good vibes, each T Shirt design is meditated upon and showered with good vibrations of love and gratitude.

Yoga T-Shirts

We designed these T shirt designs with Yoga practice, Chi Qong, Tai Chi, Meditation, Breathwork, Reiki etc in mind. We want practitioners and advocates of the spiritual paths to be able to wear designs that complement and reflect their inner beliefs, inner challenges and outward perspective.

Chakra Designs in our Spiritual T Shirts

A lot of our spiritual clothing has Chakra influenced design, like the colours that weave through the Flower Of Life T-Shirt design, the Inside The Petal T Shirt. Also, our Celtic Vortex Meditation and Patterns of Progress T Shirts are both focused and centred around Chakras and Meditation. Each Chakra has a Correspondance ie a smell, sound, colour, taste, emotion, positive and negative attributes and more. And we subtly incorporate some of these ideas into our Spiritual T-shirt Designs.

Spiritual Apparel

All our designs are available on a number of different mediums, just click through to either the Redbubble or Design By Human stores to see their options. Redbubble has far more options including stickers, dresses, clocks, shower curtains, bed sheets and more. Incorporate our spiritual designs into every aspect of your life.



Have a blessed day and keep on living your light.