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Protest T Shirts from the Energetic Mind T-shirts. We are proud to make and carry a number of Protest T-Shirts. We believe in the power of the individual. When the system is no longer working, it is up to the individual to Educate, Agitate and Organise for a better tomorrow.  Protest has lead to some of the most meaningful moments in human history. A democracy is defined as “a form of government in which the supreme power is vested in the people and exercised directly by them or by their elected agents under free electoral system.” That means that ultimately, the power lies with the people. 

Eat The Rich


We Are The Power

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Eat Sleep Politics

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Wake Up Anarchy

Protest T Shirts 5

I Still Hate Thatcher

Protest T Shirts 7

Tories Cunts

Protest T Shirts 9

We Are The Government

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We Are The Working Class

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More Blacks More Irish

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Educate Agitate Organise

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Make Golding Fiction Again

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Always Anti Tory

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Make Golding Fiction Again

Protest T Shirts 21

Make Bradbury Fiction Again

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Make Bradbury Fiction Again

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Propaganda Do Not Swallow

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Mass media Do Not Swallow

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Social Media Do Not Swallow

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Right Wing Media Do Not Swallow

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Not A Tory

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Never Trust A Tory

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We Are The Power

Do not ever forget that we are the power. Democracy comes from the people, we give our power to the government. Sometimes people forget that the political system was created to serve the people and that it only has power because we the people give them power. They are there in their positions of power to serve the populations they serve. However, in today’s parasitical capitalist societies big corporations are driven by providing deep profits for shareholders manipulate government and officials to gain powers for themselves to the detriment of everyone but the share holders. We are the power and when the rich get to rich, when the rich forget how they became rich, then we need to smash the system, to smash the rich and redistribute the wealth. We are all born equal under the sun. Jesus would have rebelled against this modern-day enforced economic slavery. Where your t-shirt proud and educate those you meet.  Start a discussion, start debates, encourage folks to read, to listen to podcasts, to organise, to vote, to participate and take responsibility for the power they wield in their lifetime.

Why where a political T shirt?

The t shirt allows you to get reactions, to provoke and or invite debate, comment, outrage, agreement. And all of these lead to debate, questions and hopefully to self-education and voting. The system currently relies on the electorate being ignorant, being apathetic. Where one of our t shirts and force the debate, force the masses to think, to debate, to take responsibility for the system they inhabit. We can change the system, but we must awaken the masses first.

What has protest done for us?

Here are just a few historical protests of note.

Boston Tea Party, 1773 | Women’s Suffrage Parade, 1913 | The Monday Demonstrations, 1982-1989 | Gandhi’s Salt March, 1930 | Abolitionist Movement, 1830-1865 | The Storming of the Bastille, 1789


Protest T Shirts

We have making protest T shirts for many years now. We are always planning new designs. We have a good few political t-shirts coming out soon, so be sure to check back soon.