Advertising – A series of communications aimed at persuading you to take some action- usually with respect to religious, commercial or ideological ideas.

Aliens – Living conscious entities from beyond our understanding of reality. They could be from other planets deep in the void of space or exist in the very space we occupy but tuned to different frequencies of reality or they may exist in similar parallel universes. Extra physical beings not of this human reality.

All seeing eye – Refers to an image that radiates light from an eye. It is used in many contexts and could be interpreted as – God watching all – or in these days of big data monitoring, it could be seen as a symbol of the corporate/government or even a sect of secret societies watching us all.

Angel – A supernatural being found in various religions, histories and spiritual paths. The bringers of light are usually depicted as white with wings and glowing haloes.

Anonymous – Someone or thing that is not identified by name or is unknown – The watchers of the world are anonymous sitting behind their technology, online an internet group has called themselves “Anonymous”. They use technology to fight the ills they see. The movement is fronted by a Guy folks mask from the film V for Vendetta- funnily enough, every mask sold makes profits for Time Warner. Are anonymous just a product of the CIA?

Break free – If you are chained to a life that you are not enjoying, then you need to break free. Get inspired, set goals, create a roadmap and BREAK FREE.

Bruce Lee – Born Lee Jun Fan in 1940 was an HK /American martial arts master, philosopher and actor. He will go down in history as being one of the wisest people that ever lived. Read his ideas, be inspired.

Chains – The chains that bind, the chains that keep us from fulfilling our potential, the chains that keep your imagination in check- Break them and soar.

Chakra – Is a Sanskrit word that describes the bodies subtle energy centres and is often translated as a “SPINNING WHEEL”. There are seven main chakras, each corresponds to particular emotions, sounds, tastes, sabotages, developmental stages etc.

Consumers – We are all consumers, the entire modern model of living is built upon us being consumers. “Consume, be silent, die”. There can be more to life than an automated consumer.

Colour – Light from our environment vibrates at particular frequencies when received by our eyes, the information is then interpreted by our brain as colour. Colour, its appearance and its effect as interpreted by each individual is unique. Colours have a powerful cultural significance and programmed bias. Not everyone sees or interprets the same frequencies the same way. Colours can affect our emotions, moods, hopes, fears, it can calm us and it can agitate us. What colours are you surrounded by?

Curiosity Killed the cat, more like curiosity freed the cat!! Explore, learn, investigate, ask questions at every turn. As Budha said (supposedly – I question if he actually said this or if he even existed) “do not believe anything until you can prove it for yourself”.

Cyborgs – A futuristic vision combines the best of computers and biology. A very heavily researched industry.

Devil – Seen or represented in most monotheistic cultures as the essence of evil and the ultimate opposite of God. The devil represents, in essence, the dualistic nature of the most popular version of reality. Ie Good and Bad, the Devil and God.

Earth – The planet in which we inhabit. A biosphere that sails deep in an infinite universe. Everything we have ever experienced or thought has happened within the confines of this small planet.

Energy – Cannot be created or destroyed. It is the underlying, invisible and intangible force that animates everything. Energy = God

Evolution – A popular scientific idea that describes a change in heritable traits over successive generations. This gives rise to diversity in the biological arena.

Female – Two x chromosomes, the bringers of life, the mother of the world.

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