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About Robb and The Energetic Mind

Hello, my name is Robb and I am a lover of the energetic side of life. I am a life long martial artist, meditation, Qi Gong practitioner and energy healer. I love questions, I love things that I don't understand, I love exploring the infinite head space of my inner world.

As a youngster, I attended aikido classes where the head instructor claimed some Jedi-like abilities. I don't believe he had these powers just well-conditioned students, however, this stimulated my curiosity. If there was a Jedi-like force, I was going to learn it!

My mum was a regular practitioner of Yoga and the bookshelves at home were full of books on chakras, shiatsu, yoga and such like.  After my Mums death, I went on to ask some serious questions about health, the body, its mechanisms, spirituality, the purpose of life etc, etc.

These questions combined with a few years studying engineering led to me writing a book called Health Made Simple. A book that doesn't disregard the subtle energetics of the human system but actually integrates and gives them the weight they deserve alongside the physical and mental aspects of health.  Health Made Simple takes a holistic look at the body as a system that incorporates the mind, the body and its subtle energy as a whole.

I have now been practising Qi Gong and meditation for near 20 yeas and I still can't use the force!! But one day it may happen (you must have a dream). I hope you get as much joy, love and light from the images as I do. Love, Gratitude and Abundance.   Robb

I am based in Rutherglen, Scotland.

Please feel free to browse the images, join me in conversation on Facebook, for any information not found here email me at


Are these digital paintings?
Yes, the images are created in Adobes Photoshop.

How long till I receive my Tshirt?
The turnaround on Tshirts depends on the shop you purchase from, as well as your location. The usual turnaround is between 10 to 14 days to receive your Energetic Minds t-shirt. Each T-shirt is printed to order and dispatched by the shop.

Are these limited edition?
They are not limited edition however, they are super awesome.

Is there any form of guarantee?
I want you to be happy, I want you to recommend my T-shirts. This is why I have selected Print on Demand shops like "Design by Human", "Redbubble" . Each of these has an excellent time-tested reputation for quality, fast delivery and quality customer services. Each shop provides a guarantee for their product.

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