How Meditation Changed My Life


How Meditation Changed My Life. We live in a chaotic world, where life is served up fast and frantically. We work long hours, we spend money to keep up with the Joneses, we dream a little more than we do and as a result, life can sometimes become a great big ball of stress, grief, … Read more

Spirituality Definition


Spirituality noun the quality of being concerned with the human spirit or soul as opposed to material or physical things. “the shift in priorities allows us to embrace our spirituality in a more profound way.”   Spirituality Definition  There are many definitions of spirituality, these definitions can be shaped by culture, religion, music, language, … Read more

Spirituality Meditation an Indian perspective


Spirituality Meditation  In the west we hear the terms spirituality meditation, mind over matter, spiritual journey and so on and so on all the time. But what do these topics mean in relation to the western ideals related to spirituality and meditation? In this quick blog, we will look at the main themes related to … Read more

5 best bjj t shirts.


OK, we may be biased but we think these are the 5 best bjj t shirts out just now.  All 5 of these Brazilian Jiu-jitsu themed t shirts are a redesign of a popular brand logos. Before we start, just to let you know that all of our T-shirts can be bought!! They are sold … Read more