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Welcome to The Energetic Mind - A shop for Inspirational, Motivational and Thought Provoking imagery. All the images are created digitally in Photoshop by me (Robb).

The Energetic Mind focuses on creating quality T-shirt designs and chooses only the best Print On Demand companies to create our vision. Print On Demand allows us to concentrate on the artwork, creativity and design of new T-shirts, leave the printing, delivery and customer service to specialist companies like Merch by Amazon,  Design By Humans // Redbubble  AND MORE. Most of these companies are created by artists for artist, each has excellent printing,  T shirt sizes, locations (UK, USA, EU etc)  and colour options. This allows you to simply pick the design, then click through to the shop you want, where you will select the T shirts style, size and colour/ color. Some of the shops offer our designs on a wide range of products beyond the T-shirt from phone covers to canvas prints, clocks to tote bags.

We love to hear your feedback, receive honest reviews as well as pictures and videos of you styling our excellent T-shirts. So please fire any images, selfies, reviews etc to any of our social media channels and we will pimp it out. We mainly use Twitter @Energetic_Minds

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