The Grey One T-Shirt

The Grey One T-Shirt is a classic Grey Alien design, ie it is a popular representation of possibly the most known E.T.  aThe Greys are said to be inhabiting our planet as well as nearby planets like Mars. However, another perspective on the Greys is propelled by their distinctive large black eyes. This theory states that they are not in fact from outer space but from the Hollow Earth!! The large eyes are for taking in maximum light, the dark lenses are to protect them in the daylight and their small bodies perfect for moving in and around caves etc. The ground dwellers live. Take this one home today 🙂

We currently have three online shops printing and delivering our unique T-Shirt designs. These are  Design By Humans // Society 6 // Redbubble each of our shops offers their own unique styling (T-shirt material, T-shirt styling, T-Shirt colour options etc) to our designs. Each shop offers something unique in the way they print, the materials they print on, the colours available and more. Please click through to see the options available for The Grey One T-shirt.

Design By Humans