Flower of Life T-Shirt

The flower of life is a powerful image that can be found in most of the world's major religions. Described by some as the most sacred pattern in the universe. Here I combine "The Flower of Life" pattern with male and female imagery as well as the colours and progressions of the chakra system, to make this unique yet highly symbolic T-Shirt design. The real questions is, What do you see in the Flower of the Life T-Shirt ?

We currently have three online shops printing and delivering our unique T-Shirt designs. These are  Design By Humans // Society 6 // Redbubble . Each shop offers something unique in the way they print our T Shirt designs, the T Shirt materials they print on, the T Shirt colours available, the T Shirt styling and more.

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Design By Human is recommended for USA customers and Redbubble for UK customers.


Design By Humans USA/ Canada Customers



Redbubble UK Customers